#Week 6 l Team 2: Curious and young helpers for one more time

Monday l We met briefly with Cleophas in the morning and planned out the week ahead. He told us that his wife is very sick and is in a hospital in El Doret. We hope that his wife will get better soon and wished him to bare patience with her. Cleophas mentioned that he will prepare some equipment for Tuesday’s measuring and mapping session. Then we went back to the hospital’s office in Andersen to work.

Tuesday l Today we were in the field measuring up Cleophas’ compound and trying to map out the surrounding. After a busy morning working in the field we spent the afternoon working on the digital recordings.

Wednesday l Our plans to continue with the mapping of the neighbourhood did not materialize. Cleophas had to go see his wife in hospital and was therefore unavailable. We also received some valuable feedback from Michiel which was followed by a crisis meeting to evaluate the situation.

Thursday l Today we planned on doing the children’s drawing and modelling workshops but due to some unavoidable circumstances we had to postpone it till Saturday. Things are moving a bit slow but we will recover, at least that we are sure of.

Friday l We spent the day working at the office. We prepared the equipment and drawing tools for tomorrow’s workshops with the children.

Saturday l We were up early to start off the drawing and modelling workshops with the children since they are not in school today. We had a good day in the field with the children. We started off with the drawing workshops in the early morning and then concluded with the modelling workshops. After the field day, we went to visit a local project to see what type of stones they used an how the project is going so far. When we came back we did an overview of things we had missed for the mapping and measuring chapter recording new data.

Sunday l Another busy day in the office. We were busy working on analysing the missing data from Michiel’s feedback and trying to reorganize the data that is already complete as we continue to clear up on our backlog.

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