#Week 6 l Team 1: A nice dinner with the family and a day off in Kitale

This week went over very quick, we had allot of nice moments and also worked allot for the project.

We started the week with a nice dinner at the house of our family. Because Thanasis couldn’t be there last time, Musa came with the great idea to do it over again this time with Thanasis. Because on Tuesday he would fly back to Greece. On Monday, we joined the family to cook a nice Kuku (chicken). When we arrived at the family we were warmly welcomed. Argjire helped with cooking while Pelle went with Collins and Ephraim to the other house, because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Here he helped Collins and all his uncles with Pythagoras. The night was really nice everybody had great fun.

On Thursday, we prepared for chapter 5 (Observe: Daily Routine). And after a full day of working we went to family to observe their morning routine. Most of the families in this region wake up at 05:00 this means that we had to be there at 04:50. We both woke up at four and had arranged a Bodaboda driver the day before. He would pick us up at 4:40 in front of the hospital. Only the driver didn’t show up because he thought it was not that strict. Luckily for us another driver brought two people to the Anderson trust at 4:40 so when he came back we could travel with him. We ran through the dark from Sokomojinga to the house and arrived exactly at 5 o clock. Here we observed the morning routine of the family. Because we already saw allot of their daily routine we decided to split up. Pelle went with Musa to the workplace and to the army while Argjire went with Everlyne to the ADC farm. We both had a very interesting day and after 16 hours of working we went exhausted to our beds.

The next two days we spend most of our time in the hospital to work on the different chapters. We’re slowly moving to the chapters where we look at the design and materials of the future house. On Saturday we took a day of with team IV and III. In the morning, we took a Matatu (The public transport in Kenya consisting of a car with a metal box at the back where you could sit) to Kitale. The matatu’s are always way too full. We were sitting with 18 people in this little space. It wasn’t comfortable but it was nice to experience this ones. In Kitale we walked around and bought somethings. We went with everybody to Megabytes to have a nice lunch. Here everybody couldn’t resist to go back to their western bad habits, pizzas and hamburgers where ordered and we had a good time. We ended the day in Kitale in one of the skybars where we drank some nice cold beers. Then we had to run for the rain and went to the place where all the matatu’s are stationed. Here it was complete chaos because 10 different drivers want us in their car. At the end we went with Victor, one of the drivers, he brought us back to the farm in 30 minutes for almost the same price. Everybody was very happy with the good decision. We closed the week with a morning run to the dam where we took a morning dive. After the dam, everybody went back to work.

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