#Week 5 l Team 2: A day in Uganda and more field work

Monday l After we heard that Evelyne, the mother of our family went to Hospital, the team took a break from fieldwork to do further planning and Jackson worked at the hospital.

Tuesday I Another busy day in the office. The family is still dealing with the Evelyne issue. We keep in contact with the family to keep us updated about the progress.

Wednesday I Cleophas made arrangements for Thanasis’ request to visit Uganda. He invited us to tag along. Cleophas had an early morning interview with Thanasis as we continued working and planning the way forward. After the interview Cleophas and Moses (his good friend) picked us up at Andersen-Hospital in two motorbikes for our trip to Uganda. The five of us rode on two motorbikes to Uganda. The Kenya-Uganda border along LainiMoja is only a 10minute ride from Andersen. The trees, the hills, and the river (Suam) that separates Kenya and Uganda are absolutely stunning to witness. After a small talk with the Border-patrol officers we went through. This was simply because Cleophas has organized with the Commanding officer of the Uganda border post for us to be there. In Uganda we came to a small village called Kapnandi where Cleophas works and spends most of his days. The Kenyan shilling is stronger than the Uganda shilling which is something we noticed as we bought some snacks. Altogether, we had a good time with Cleophas and Moses, learning about the different cultures and habits of the citizens of Uganda. We also used this as an opportunity to visit Cleophas’ hotel where he spends most of his day working. About 5 pm as we prepared to leave it started raining so we had to hurry as we left Uganda.

Thursday l Cleophas called us early in the morning to inform us that he would not be available as he was going to Kitale to visit his wife in hospital. So we postponed our activities for the day and instead spent our day working on the previous week’s data. We had another interview with Thanasis, this time as we worked in the office.

Friday I Today we started on Phase 4. The good news is that Evelyne is out of hospital and went to her parental home to visit. Jackson and Cleophas spent the early morning measuring the current compound and house where Cleophas and his family live. After the measuring and sketching we discussed with Cleophas about Saturday’s work and what was expected in coming phases.

Saturday I We spent the day redoing the interviews with the children. We had a good time getting to engage with the children again. We are always learning something new about the family every time. We then spent the afternoon at the hospital reconciling the data we collected this week.

Sunday I On our free day, we went to the hospital to work. The rest of the rural housing family went out for a walk in the morning. In the afternoon we went to Chepchoina to explore the goods at the market. After ‘window-shopping’ we went to a local restaurant where we had chai. We accidently met their Thanasis having a lunch with his host of the day. To finish the day the rural housing family is invited at our teacher/head-researcher/tutor Michiel’s place for a BBQ.

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