#Week 5 l Team 1 had some young unexpected helpers and learned more about Musa's business

Another week passed and we are getting more excited about our project and the work. These last weeks we have been working 6 days per week, in the field and office (hospital) during the whole day and coming back home usually at 6-7 where we enjoy eating together with all the other teams. Although, not being able to talk to any of them about the working process it makes it very hard sometimes. At the same time very exciting and curious to know what each of us is doing.

This week we were working and measuring the existing house of the family and the area around. Even that we had some difficulties with the meter we managed the situation quite well. we used the rope as a measurement tool and were able to measure everything around. Some awesome and fun time we spent while we measured the families compound. The children from the primary school, which is located very near the compound saw us working and right away they all joined us, greeting us and having lots of photos together. They also started to help us on measuring the field. Seeing them how much they enjoyed the time working with us we also enjoyed their company during the rest of the day, till we finished all the drawings.

During this week, we spent a lot of time with Musa, the father of our family, and learned a lot about his life, family and work. Owning a business in a country where nothing works correctly, being a corrupted country and where no law really protects you, there are many risks someone need to take to make everything work properly the whole time. He got robbed many times from his workers leaving him with no choice or any possibility to find a solution about this issue. We tried to give him some good advices how he can be more careful and manage the situation. Also, gave him a notebook and a pencil where he can take notes and check everything he have at the office every day. And, yeah, not to forget to tell you more about Musa’s workspace. He owns a business where they make interior furniture’s and then they sell them in Sokomojinga, where the workshop is located too. Let’s hope we will have enough time and income to design some furnitures too for our house. Since the main material that they work with is wood, there is quite a lot of waste they create everyday. We asked Musa to start collecting all the waste from now on, and why we did it you guys need to have some patient and continue reading our stories and lets hope after some weeks you will find out why. Also, some news which made our week was when Musa told us that one of his friends offered him some building material for free which we can use to build the house, (we can’t tell you more about this at this moment).

Last but not least, we didn’t mention Veronica before. She is the girl who takes care for us on cleaning, washing clothes and cooking. So basically, she does everything at our house. But, why we are mentioning this now is because she left for 4 days for a little vacation and that means that we need to cook and clean everything during this time. We are at the second day today and because we’re living with 9 people together it’s not that easy to manage the whole house. The First day went quite well we can say, Team 4 with the help of Jackson. Second day is our day and what we cooked you can just enjoy the photo below.

Talk to you next week.

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