#Week 5 l Team 4: Time goes fast when you work a lot. ;)

Our second week of work! Time goes fast when you work a lot. ;) This week had started by following our methodology! Monday was a day of observation! We started our day by observing Christina – the mother of the family. To be totally honest, observation didn’t work as we expected! Our presence was quite destructive and Christina just wanted to stay with us and talk about her every day life in the community!

Tuesday was a quite surprising day as we have arranged on the last minute to go to Kitale with Andy in order to get information about the available materials and prices of them. We found out that there are several building material suppliers to inquire about prices and available materials. After our research, Despoina went to the hairdresser to get some dreadlocks and in the meantime Atdhe went for a delicious curry with Beata and Andy at “megabytes” (a restaurant where they serve the best curry in town). The day passed quite smoothly, doing some shopping for the rest of the team and came back to continue working at our new office – the orthopedics.

On Wednesday, since we have found many materials and the observation didn’t work as we wanted to go, we started our day by considering the methodology that we have developed the previous days. Many questions had arisen - Is participatory design suitable for this kind of project in these circumstances? What methodology is suitable for our project? – We came out with the conclusion that it is really early to answer all these question and we should continue follow our family in order to take the final decisions on the upcoming days. The next hours, we visited the community to obtain more information about prices and materials. We had a great talk with “the teacher’s husband” who had built his own house in two weeks. There was a big cloud hanging above our head, so we had to speed things up. The short talk with him was very effective and useful, as we got a lot of information about prices of materials, labor, soil, building method and the time he needed to build the house and we actually realized that we have a good amount of funds to build a similar house.

The next days were more relaxed! On Thursday, we had our second interview we Thanasis. This interview was really helpful even for us to understand what we actually want from this project and how we should continue working. To tell you the truth, we could find many differences on our approach between the first interview and the second one.

Friday, turned out to be a day off. Victoria, our lovely housekeeper was off until Monday, so we had to do the shores of the house. Despoina, Thanasis and Jackson cleaned the kitchen and prepared potatoes on the oven and meatballs, Atdhe went to Michiel’s and Beata’s house to get some herbs for dinner and cleaned the living room. The dinner was delicious!

Saturday Pokot day!

We arranged to go to Pokot and especially at Robinson area with Tonny (a boda boda driverbut he did not show up. So we met Kenned (another boda boda driver) who drove us to Robinson. We went to Robinson to take some samples and to get information about the available type of soil, because Robinson has the best soil for building in the area. Kenned helped us a lot by translating and meditating with the locals. We got the blessing from the village elder and from now on we are welcome in Robinson to buy soil from the locals. For dinner, we were surprised by the job Argjire and Pelle had done, the dinner was delicious and served like a luxury restaurant. Great job!

On Sunday, we started our day with a walk to the dam and a fast swim. On our way back we spotted the monkeys and the goats of the farm. Then we went to Chepchoina market and had a “chaj” at the local restaurant. We prepared ourselves for the goat barbecue at Michiel’s and Beata’s house. The goat was delicious! On our way back, we realized that there was no electricity and water at the house but we are getting used to it! What an adventure!

Tomorrow a new busy week is starting! Lots of work is expecting us! Till next week! Yours,


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