#Week 4 l Team 2: Starting to work on the family's dream house

Monday l Today was a long day in the office. We worked the whole day at the hospital to digitize the data we had collected the previous week. We also had to think about a new method of working, in order for us to progress faster. As a local team we can rely pretty well on the family, but we realized that making appointments can be quite a hassle sometimes.

Tuesday l First day of phase 3. In this phase we are starting to work on the dream house with the family. Jackson conducted the drawing workshop with Evelyne. We also got to eat some maize stems that the locals eat like sugarcane.

Wednesday l We finally got a hold of Mr. Cleophas, who seems to be a very busy man. We did, also, a drawing workshop. The things we have noticed is that Cleophas has pretty good concentration. One of the things we noticed is that he only likes the bedroom and the street of Soko mjinga. Apart from that he wasn’t really happy with the way his house is set up now.

Thursday l Today, Thanasis was following us to the family for our documentary. It was modelling day for Cleophas, this means that we are going to work with simple carton and glue to make a Marquette of the family’s dream house. Again we noticed the serious set of skills that Cleophas has. You could tell by the Marquette he made and the drawing he made that he almost made the same model. This shows that he is a man who is very concerned about his dream house and has thought well of it.

As we took our usual walk home from the Family, we found some school children trying to direct their donkeys home. But they were having trouble getting them to turn towards home. After we helped them, the kids asked for a photo. This week’s photo is dedicated to them. From Left to Right – Dillan, Obedi and Huruma

Friday l Our last day for phase 3 with the parents. Today we had the modelling workshop with Evelyne. It was quite amazing to see that both husband and wife think totally different about the new house. Cleophas’ dreamhouse was more open and simple, while Evelyne’s dream house is organized and compact. After the workshop we as a team had an interview with Thanasis. Then Evenlyne generously made lunch for us, Githeri and boiled maize. It was delicious.

Later on, in the evening, we had a meeting with Bob Andersen. He gave us a tour at the Mount Elgon Flowers farm. He later invited us for drinks by the dam. Quite interesting to see what a man like Bob Andersen is really about.

Saturday l Another day in the office. Coding and transcribing the data collected during the week. At the end of the day we had a brief meeting between us. We talked about our process. To conclude this week, we realized that we are trying to keep up with the other teams. We also talked about the sound problems we have due to the loud environment in and around Cleophas’ home where we have been filming. We found a solution for that to keep improving our work process.

Sunday l On Sunday the team went hiking. Thanasis had work to do, while Despina went out on a ride to explore the area.

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