#Week 4 l Team 1: The new chapter has started

During the fourth week, we experienced a lot of nice and fun moments. But before sharing them with you we wanted to start with the Sunday before.

On Sunday, we went to the family to finish the final drawing and modelling workshops. Before we start, you have to know that Kenya is a very religious country and Sunday is always the church day. Because the mother of our family is always working during the week we had to meet her on Sunday. After finishing the workshop, she invited us to go with her to church. When we arrived, the service had already begun for 5 hours. So, we thought it can’t take that long anymore. But we walked out the church 2,5 hours later. Some of the things we heard where about the resurrected Mama Rosa, the new prophet and that we need to prepare for what is coming. After the church, we got invited for a Soft drink in the garden of the church. Here we heard more about Mama Rosa and had to give our phone numbers and names for the guest book. It was a very interesting and weird experience. But we’re happy that we joined later because 7,5 hours of service would not have been such a pleasant experience.

We started the next week with a full working day at the hospital. Here we prepared for the new chapter (mapping, measuring and drawing) and tried to finish the other chapters. After our day of preparation, we went to the field with Thananis. Here we measured the existing house from the in- and outside. It was a nice day only the measuring was harder than expected because our measurement broke after one minute. Now we had 7,5 meters of measuring tape without the ability to make it less than 7,5 meters. Still measuring went quite well and we had a nice lunch at the ‘Bleu hotel’ in Sokomjinga. Here we ate beans and mandazi while enjoying some hot chocolate milk. With four people the whole diner costed 260Ksh (2 euros).

After another rainy work day, we went to our family at 17:00 here we gave the final presentation about the workshops. It’s was a nice exposition with all the drawings and models. The mother and brother of Musa also joined. After the presentation, we ate dinner all together. Argjire learned how to make ugali with the mother in the kitchen while Pelle and Musa went to the village to pick up some things. It was really nice to be part of the family and all cook and eat together. The food was really tasty, we ate sheep with ugali and some spinach. The strange thing that happened during that evening was that not everybody was eating in the living room but in the kitchen. We didn’t like this so Argjire asked of everybody could join. Then only the wife joined inside, later we heard that this was a normal cultural thing to eat like this in Kenya.

On Friday, we went to meet Bob (the farm owner). Bob introduced us to his business and explained somethings about the roses. After that we went to the dam to enjoy the night with some beers and wines. It was nice to have a little party at the dam, everybody enjoyed the night.

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