#Week 4 l First steps of Team 4

Dear fiends!

Officially it’s our first completed week in Kenya and after some days of relaxation, we’ve started working and adjusting to the new environment.

This week was so intense! After many months of preparation, the first days we had to reorganize all the information that we had already collected! Information is always changing and especially when you go to the field.

Since we arrived here we keep tracking different types of buildings, though most of them are based on the local ways of building with earth. One of our concerns was whether we should focus on these types of buildings or to find a totally new approach on design, but all the answers and final solutions are well kept with the family.

On Wednesday, we had our first official meeting with the family, where we explained them our methodology and design approach. What a day..! We couldn’t be more than happy because the family seemed quite satisfied with what we are doing and started to open to us. Icarus, the father of the family also introduced us to the other community members. The next months we are planning to visit them and get information about their houses (materials, prices, building methods). The day couldn’t end better as Thanasis – our documentarist – interviewed us and after that we went for a ‘’chase scene’’ on motorbikes.

The next day, we had arranged a meeting with a man named Geoffrey! Geoffrey is our key to all the local materials and a local hero! He gave us all the information we needed. During the next weeks we are going to check all these ourselves.

Friday, seemed to be one of the best days! We finally met Bob Andersen, the farm owner. He gave us a tour on the farm and especially to the greenhouses where he grows up a huge amount of roses. We ended up at ‘’the dam’’, an artificial lake where we had couple of drinks under the moonlight!

The second meeting with the family was on Saturday, where we noted their weekly schedule in order to understand how they live. We also started working on the new land! Our first landscape analysis has just started and we have already so many information and results!

Luckily, the weather continues to be amazing and we had the chance to relax a little bit at the house with the whole team!

On Sunday we are planning to go hiking! It doesn’t sound as a relaxing but it will be so fun!

Every day that passes we feel so grateful and happy for our decision to move in Kenya for 5 months! Of course there are difficulties! We can see that everywhere around us, but the smiley faces of the people and the magic landscape of eastern Africa can take all the worries far away!

Till next week..



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