#Week 3 l Team 1: The review of the week

The third week is already there and we are feeling more comfortable with the work and environment around us. The week was full of activities and challenges. The lack of the electricity and using different workspaces, birthday celebration, working with the family on workshops and cooking, were some of the main things we did and experienced during this week.

We started the week with the celebration of Argjira’s birthday. Sadly, it rained all day so we couldn’t have a barbecue as we planned. But that didn’t stop us from having a nice dinner and drinking a couple beers and wine. Michiel and Beata also joined for dinner and even brought burgers and a wonderful cake. The dinner happened to be quite unique experience after the power went out, and all of us eating with the light off, only with a couple of flashlights. After the dinner, we listened to some Swahili songs (Kenya National songs album), and, not to forget to mention our favourite Swahili song so far, ‘Jambo Bwana’, which after Swahili lessons we had the first week, we can now all understand this song and sing it all together. During the next days, we continued working on chapter three of the Support tool (the book we use as a guide for the research or as we call it, our ‘bible’) where we worked on the workshops with our family. We did drawing- and modelling-workshops with each member of the family (except the youngest boy which is only 1 year and 5 months old), experiencing some great moments with them and learned a lot of what they like and don’t like from their existing home. At the same time understanding their wishes for their dream house was very helpful for our upcoming work. While we had a busy working week, we didn’t forget to have some fun too. We played plenty of games and laughed together. We’re noticing that each other day the family is feeling more comfortable with our everyday presence and spending so much time with them during the working hours and also doing other activities together it’s helping us to get much closer to the family.

During the whole week the electricity didn’t work. This brought some extra challenges to continue working on the project. Luckily, we could work in the meeting room of the hospital, which happens to be very close to our home.

Also, we’re finally complete! On Thursday Despina and Atdhe (team 4) arrived with Thanasis. Thanasis will make a documentary of the project. Not to forget that we also are making 1 minute video everyday which will be used by our documentary guy.

On those rainy days we found our enjoyment in cooking too. Argjira made mandazi and pancakes for breakfast and Pelle cooked a nice chicken for dinner another day. We enjoyed our evenings with beers, playing cards, watching a great but strange documentary called “Enjoy Poverty 3” and other movies.

Big hugs from team 1.

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