#Week 3 l Team 3: The review of the week

After having finished the interviews of last we got to know the family a lot better, who they are, what they do and how it is that we can help them build their new and improved home. We started to do drawing and modelling workshops with the family members, which isn’t a light task due to the size of the family. We did this to achieve a better understanding of what they do and what they don’t like about their old home. To let them all do the workshop would take a tremendous amount of time and this is why we chose to do the workshops with only the parents and children who are old enough to provide us with enough information to benefit the project.

After having prepared during the weekend we started the workshops on Monday morning 08.30. Our team existed of Corné as actor and I (Damian) as observer. The people we had the first workshops with were Brenda (the second oldest daughter of 17) and Brian (the oldest son of 19). This went great and to let them draw and model their dream homes was a fun and informative session. Especially as we chose to use clay from their own soil to build the models.

Soon we found out that they knew way better how to use and make the clay then we did. It was a great choice to make them build their models of clay because they were very familiar with the material, because they had built and repaired their own house with the soil.

Tuesday the roles were switched around so I became the actor and Corné the Observer. Today was Mercy’s (Oldest daughter of 23) day to shine. We already noticed that Mercy had a talent for drawing so we were looking forward to seeing what Mercy would come up with. As a result we got a lot of useful drawings and beautiful models as with the other children.

After a day of working at home we reached Thursday 31st of august, the day that we would be joined by our last missing family members Despoina, Thenasis and personal friend Atdhe. After they reached the place they would stay for 4,5 months they were welcomed with open arms, our family was reunited.

All fun and games but work still had to be done so on Friday Corné (Actor) and me (observer) went to the field to do the workshop with the head of the Family, Cleophas. During the drawing he made us clear that even though he knew how to draw he would still not do it in his free time due to his age and status. This even grew more apparent when we went outside to do the modelling and it was noticeable that Cleophas wasn’t at ease. When Corné noticed he proceeded to do the modelling with Cleophas and soon Cleophas’ opinions about the functionality and aesthetics became apparent. After have ended the models we looked at all the models and were quite impressed and these models and drawings stimulated our excitement for the coming weeks.

Then we ended the week with a weekend at home to do a bunch of mandatory office work, with an amazing week in the back of our minds.

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