#Week 3 l Team 2: The review of the week

Monday l We had an interview with Cleophas’ at his farm where we will be building the new house. Children were eager to join us for the interview. The building plot of Cleophas makes for quite a serene environment. A school and Church own the neighbouring land. Nearby we spot a lady doing repairs to her house (vernacular architecture house). It is an intriguing process to watch and definitely a learning experience for us. After the interview we made an attempt to measure the plot. The children helped him count in Swahili as he tried balancing his feet to ‘1 meter steps’. Edah, the daughter of Cleophas was definitely the leader among the children.

Tuesday l It was the most interesting day of the week so far. We went to Kitale to get some documents printed for our group introductions. We also intended to make some purchases for the upcoming stages of the research. However, the weather was quite unforgiving as we made an attempt for Kitale on a ‘bodaboda’ (motorbike) under the very heavy dark clouds. We got rained on and a bit soaked as we travelled to Kitale. Jackson had to get into a shoe shop to get a new pair of sandals since his shoes were all soaked. And for the icing on the cake, we almost missed a matatu back to Chepchoina. But when we got one, nothing could prepare us for the journey ahead. The matatu got stuck in the mud at a place named Mowlem, and we had to push, pull, lift, and drag the car physically out of the mud. We finally got to fair ground 3hrs later.

Wednesday l We had our first interview with Evelyne Nyakuri, Cleophas’ wife, who looked very jovial and well. She seemed fully recovered from last week’s illness. We had Moses Nyongesa, a close family friend to act as the translator, during the interview. We are glad to feel quite welcome at the home even with Cleophas’ absence.

Thursday l We decide to interview Moses Nyongesa- Cleophas’ close friend and neighbour- on this day. From what we learned from Evelyne’s interview the previous day, he is quite well acquainted with the family and they are very close with Cleophas and his family. He explains to us his, background and how he got to his current situation. Our interaction with him, confirms that he is a smart man and a victim of circumstances in his life. In the afternoon Atdhe and Despoina (Group 4) finally arrived in Chepchoina. Alongside them – Thanasis - our documentarist for the project.

Friday l Today was Eid al Adha, The Muslim-holiday after Hadj, (pilgrimage). In the afternoon we were at home on this day preparing for the following day’s interviews and formal family introduction.

Saturday l On this day, we had planned to have our formal introduction with the family as well as interviews with the children. This however didn’t materialize since on arrival at the family home, Cleophas was unavailable, as he had to rush to Uganda for work. (P.S. Uganda is just a 10 minute ‘bodaboda’ ride away from Chepchoina).

We decided to do the interviews with Cleophas’ children. They are glad to entertain our presence on this day, despite the cold and wet weather that makes the day gloomy. We had three different interviews with the children; Moses Nyongesa was more than willing to be of assistance in translation with some of the children. After the interview Cleophas arrived, we met briefly with him. As some of the children are not available, we made plans for more interviews on Sunday.

Sunday l Today, the weather was quite good. The sun shined the whole day. A break from the rainy, gloomy week. We prepare for our interviews in the morning and walked to Cleophas’ home. We had an interview with Jacob, Cleophas’ first-born. He seems a bit shy, nonetheless, the interview is quite a success.

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