#Week 3 l Team 4 has finally arrived

Dear friends!

The Rural Housing Family if finally completed!

After two long flights and many hours of waiting in transit points, TEAM IV has finally arrived in Nairobi, in different times though. Atdhe had to wait for the two late Greeks – Despoina (TEAM IV Professional) and Thanasis (Rural Housing Studio documentarist).

Driving to Kitale

Francis – our brave driver – picked us up at the airport and drove the 3 wazungus (white people in Swahili) to Kitale and to our final destination, the farm – our new house for the next 5 months. The road-trip lasted for 7 hours and during this trip we realized what a man is capable to do with his machine (car). So after dodging cars, cows and trucks we reached Kitale, where we got our safaricom sim-cards and headed to Mt. Elgon. Francis knew a shortcut, but boy oh boy.., it was a slippery, muddy, impassable road, but Francis got us through! We still don’t know how we were able to make it, but we figured out who ‘’the stig’’ is.

After meeting and uniting the rest of Rural Housing Family, Andy – the manager of Mt. Elgon trust – took us on a quick tour around the farm, where they grow a huge amount of roses and avocados.

A supermarket in Kitale

On Friday it was our day off, so we took advantage of it and visited Kitale to shop for basic food and to eat a lunch at a Indian restaurant. The day was quite amazing since we have heard that the elections will be repeated within 2 months and so many people were celebrating it on the streets. On our way back we got caught into the strongest rain ever!

Team 4 with the family

Saturday was a big day for our team. After so many months of preparation Michiel took us to the family who we will build the house for and we were finally able to meet them. The family has 6 members consisting of; 4 children and their parents. After an awkward introduction (first times are always difficult and slow), we actually had a great day! After some time we really got along and at the end of the day we were talking about life, childhood, politics, religion and culture. The family showed us the new land where they would like to build the new house. Visiting the plot we realized that this land is fully covered with tall maize! On our way back, we walked from Chepchoina to the farm. It was a long hike, but the view was stunning!

Local kids

Every day, we realize how lucky we are to be part of the Rural Housing Studio project! Local people say that we are writing history with this project!

Despoina and her new friends

It was a pleasure to give us a brief insight of our first days in Kenya! We hope you enjoyed it! Keep following the blog and stay tuned for more adventures!


Team IV

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