#Week 2 l Short story of team 3

Past week was a very exciting week! Meeting the family, understanding the support tool (the support that guides us through the research part of the project), and preparing for daily meetings with the family.

This week the phase of the research has started, during which we will investigate the culture, the environment, the community and the family within more of less one-month time. Meeting the family was an absolutely thrilling moment, since nobody really knew what to expect. A week of acclimatizing seems insufficient for such a thorough cultural clash.

The team3 with the family

Meeting some of the family members

We’re entering a house of a huge family, consisting of two parents and seven kids. It is an indigenous dwelling, where some additional ‘modern durable’ materials were added, like cement and iron sheet. Although the groups’ general energy seems highly nervous there is one calm soul in our middle, introduced by Michiel as ‘a real father figure’. His name is Cleophas; the head of the family, Christian, loving father and farmer. He helps us with introducing ourselves to his family, he helps the family to introduce themselves to us and gets help with introducing himself from his oldest daughters. His character is definitely found back in other members of the family and we’re very happy to meet them all.

Interviewing three of the children of the family l Friday

We’ve been preparing on Wednesday in order to interview the parents on a Thursday. The subject of the interview is ‘daily routine’ and therefore we’re able to deeply dig into the life of the parents. There are really open and very willing to support the research. They understand very well what we’re coming here to do. On Friday we’re interviewing three of the children of the family. They seem quite nervous and so does Damian. This situation is new for everybody and I’m sure we’re all learning a lot. Fortunately it is holiday for the children now so we have some more time to spend with each other. Corné brought his guitar as requested by the oldest daughters the day before. And so playing Kenyan songs, exchanging games of our own cultures and acting by the girls follows up the interview. We both have the feeling that these activities are bringing all of us together. Everybody is enjoying the moment, and the compound is filled with children from the surrounding community.

Preparing the interview l Wednesday

Preparing the interview l Wednesday

The public transport consist of ‘the Matatu’ - a very old car enriched with extra windows, or the ‘boda boda’ - a motorcycle on which you can jump on the back and it will take you anywhere. We took a Matatu to Kitale Saturday morning. It is a very good space to socialize, since you’re there with 10 people on one square meter. We need to do some shopping for the coming week, to make sure we’re able to do the activities of the research. Next weeks’ update will tell you all about it!

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