#Week 2 l Short story of team 2

Monday l Jackson is still not here. On this day the whole group had to figure out exactly how the GoPro and other equipment works.

Tuesday l Today, we went to visit Cleophas, and met briefly with him. His wife was unwell. We talked briefly about his cattle, his property and also about his wife’s health. Cleophas informed us that he would be taking his wife to Kitale Hospital on Thursday. Cleophas then invited us to have some chai and mandazi at the local restaurant in front of his house. Cleophas is a man of a few words with good humour and quite social.

In the evening Jackson-the Architect finally arrived from Nairobi. At the first night we got to know each other and caught up about first day with Cleophas and his family.

Wedsnesday l On this day we went to Cleophas’ place. He welcomed us well, together with his brother-in-law, Moses. This day was a second introduction, as Jackson got to introduce himself to the family. His wife was still not feeling well but the family had made plans of taking her to hospital the following day. We talked briefly about the project, its meaning and how Cleophas understood it. We had a conversation about the history of the place and about his family. Because of his wife’s illness we agreed with Cleophas that we were going to meet on Friday.

Thursday l On this day we stayed at home to prepare our equipment and interview questions. We went through the support tool together to figure out what was needed for the following day’s interview. We then went through the GoPro settings, and the Lumix as Jackson figured out how to use the other equipment. After that we made an agenda.

Friday l We got to Cleophas’s grounds at about 09:45 a.m. We set up our equipment and prepared to film our meeting. Cleophas’ wife is back from hospital, but she still looks quite weak. We had some conversation before we began as he tried to get his family together. We then began the introduction again with everyone who was there. The wife was seated quite close but didn’t want to be part of the interview, so we excused her for that day. After the introduction/interview we began taking pictures of the current situation and talked to Cleophas. Cleophas and Jackson had a lengthy talk in Swahili as he gave us more information about the history of the area. Cleophas then informed us that he had a busy weekend so we agreed to meet on Monday 28th August, 2017.

Saturday l On Saturday we were busy at the house working on the previous day’s data. We started to code the data and digitize everything.

Sunday l The whole group went fishing in the evening on Andersen Farm, where we caught some tilapia for supper. We returned to the house late in the evening to prepare supper, as we prepared for the next day’s activities.

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