#Week 2 l Short story of team 1

After one week of exploring and getting to know the area, the project officially started!

After months of preparation for the project we were very excited to finally meet our family for the first time. On Tuesday, we went with everybody next to Sokomjinga (the stupid market) and had the first introduction with the family. Because everybody waited so long for this moment you could feel that the group was a little bit anxious. We had no clue on how the family would be and how us and they would react.

Team1 with the father and the kids of the family

The mother of the family

But ones we arrived at the family this feeling was all gone. We were very warm welcomed by Musa, the father of the family and because of the great conversation we had, it made the day a very nice first experience.

A selfie with Musa

After a day of preparation, we went back, this time to do the introduction and some interviews with the whole family. We woke up a little bit late so we decided to take a motorbike. This was one the best ideas of the first official week. For 50Ksh (0.42 euro) we could go the Sokomjinga in 10 minutes. These motorbikes are quite long so two people can go together on one motorbike. Some Kenyan people even go with three people. In the afternoon, we almost always walked back. When you walk back it’s a whole different experience, everybody joins you and like to have a conversation. You sometimes even feel like you belong to a royal family, everybody says hi and waves at you. On the other side is quite strange that they make you feel as that ‘important’ person.

Interviewing the parents

At first the kids and the wife felt a little bit shy and anxious but after spending a couple days with them they opened up. Also the lack of their English language skills sometimes made the harder to interact. After the interview with the kids we went outside to play some Kenyan games. This was really fun, we played soccer and other different ball games. It was quite impressive to see how the children made the ball for 5 minutes. Getting a sock and putting rubbish from the surrounding it worked way better than expected. Everybody was having a great time and running around.

Interviewing the whole family

The family

We ended the first week with a little fishing trip with the other teams and our advisors. It was a really nice way to end the first exhausting but really fun week. We went with a couple beers to the lake on the farm. Here you could fish without even using bait. We also had the chance to swim and use the raft made by recycled materials.

Fishing trip

We ended the evening with running for the thunderstorm. Luckily for us the storm went the other way around the mountain otherwise we could ‘swim’ home. When we arrived at home our team prepared a very delicious dinner with the fresh fish called Tilapia and potatoes.

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